The Hiking Gentlemen: Aaron and Kevin

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Aaron and Kevin are brothers in pursuit of the next great adventure. Splitting their time between Idaho and Montana, they can usually be found exploring the trails, photographing their journey along the way.

Their advice to living the life of your dreams?

“Don’t put any kind of ceiling on who you are or what you want to become.”

Where do you currently live? What are some of your favorite local spots for adventure?

We split our time now living in Idaho (Aaron) and Montana (Kevin).

Aaron: For me it would have to be the Sawtooth’s and the White Clouds, two vastly different wilderness areas but each one draws me back in their own way. However I have a feeling that once Kevin and I visit the Frank Church Wilderness (Bighorn Crags) this will climb into our top three.

Kevin: There’s so much to explore around Bozeman that I’m never in the same spot twice. You can find me tackling a new trail to an isolated alpine lake somewhere deep in the wilderness.

How did you get into hiking? What is it about hiking that sparks your passion for the activity?

Aaron: We always made trips to the mountains as a child, never anything as “extreme” as backpacking or hikes deep into the backcountry, but journeys nonetheless and the seed was planted.

However for both Kevin and I, the older we go we felt like we were just existing, living a good life and happy but existing and needed something more. So after trying various things to help fill that void we opted for the wilderness, taking trips together, some with our families and friends and even some solo. We immediately felt like we were home, and we were hooked…for life.

What sparks our passion? There’s just something about heading into the uncharted with everything you need on your back, and your own two feet to carry you there. Add to that the ability to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and that’s enough for us.

What other outdoor adventures or activities do you like to participate in?

Aaron: I enjoy mountain biking and snowshoeing, and I’m now learning how to fly fish. Really looking forward to developing that skill.

Kevin: Fly-fishing, mountain biking, and pack rafting.

Who do you look up to? How do they inspire you in the way you live your life?

Aaron: I look up to my father. He is the embodiment of perseverance and hard work, never giving up. I can apply those principles in every aspect of my life; family, work, business ventures, backpacking and hiking.

Kevin: Anyone living in a van or off grid. I don’t understand the need for material possessions. Everything I own can fit in my car and go with me wherever I go. Why spend thousands of dollars on an apartment or a house when you can stay in the outdoors overlooking the mountains, sunset and all of nature.

What are some of the most memorable stories from your adventures?

It’s tough to peg a few, we have many and each one creates its own unique memory. I really enjoy the ones where our family is involved. I love watching kids become kids, disconnecting from devices and video games and begin using those innate characteristics of ingenuity exploration. Never a dull moment.

What have been some of the obstacles in your adventures? What did they teach you?

Weather and snowpack, have taught us to plan ahead, safety comes first. Always contact the local ranger stations and prepare for any scenario as things can shift in a heartbeat out here.

We at This Adventure Life want our readers to live life fearlessly in the pursuit of living their ideal life. What would your advice be for someone who wants to live fearlessly and pursue their wildest dreams?

Believe you can do it, or accomplish it and then go do it…Don’t wait, and take that leap. Then, don’t put any kind of ceiling on who you are or what you want to become, giving into fear and the limitations that others create or we create for ourselves are dream killers, and will only delay your greatness.

What is your next big adventure?

We are headed to the Frank Church Wilderness at the end of July, this will be a 3 day 24 mile loop to some of the most remote, and scenic wilderness this country has to offer. We plan on amping up our video production while on this trip and really taking the Hiking Gentlemen concept to the next level.

We’ll fly fish, summit a peak or two, and pack raft to one of the islands on the lake. We’re looking to document the region and show how it can be a great option to find solitude and explore ‘off the beaten path’. There’s so many options out there to explore, get ready, this is gonna be spectacular!

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