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Kara and Luis are travel bloggers who are determined to see as much of the world as they can. Kara grew up in a small ski resort and coal mining town in Canada. The Rocky Mountains will always be “home” to her. She spent the first twenty years of her life in Canada, went to college and then took of to live in Los Angeles for five years. She and Luis met in Los Angeles, and have been exploring ever since. Luis is a Tico (from Costa Rica) and a Canadian, and is so passionate about travel that he made it his career. He has been working on a cruise ship for seven years, and that job has been the foundation for many of their travels. Watching a fútbol game and eating poutine is one of their favorite ways to spend an afternoon!

Since their marriage in April, 2017, they spend their days traveling the world aboard a cruise ship together. Growing up in both Canada and Costa Rica has allowed them to see the world’s beauty, which ignited their desire to travel more. In between contracts working on the ship, they visit as many places as they can, including British Columbia and Alberta, Canada, since it’s where they call home. They love hiking, fitness, and sharing their excursions with others. They’re not sure where in the world they will end up, but for now, they are happy to be untethered, and free to see as many countries as time will permit!

We just love following your adventures from your account, Ever After Nomads. What inspired you to share your adventures? What are your goals by telling your stories and sharing your photographs?

We were initially inspired to share our adventures so that friends and family back home could keep up with us. That inspiration quickly evolved into a desire to inspire others to travel and to live vicariously through us. We hope that our experiences will inspire others to get out of their comfort zone, and to see the world!

How has travel made a positive impact on your relationship and lives?

Travel has positively influenced our lives because it has expanded our world view and given us a sense of fulfillment. We know what it’s like to travel solo, and we have always wanted to share our adventures with a partner who shares the same passion for travel. Now that we share traveling with each other, we find it to be a lot more fulfilling.

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