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Kate Fletcher, originally born in Melbourne, Australia, now spends her time chasing the Winter across the hemispheres. In between ski season she can be found hiking, climbing, camping or skiing her way around the globe, seeking out adventure on every continent.

After completing high school at age 18 she set off on her first large solo trip, traveling around Europe and Africa for 10 months. Since then, she has spent time living in Australia, New Zealand, France, Canada and Ghana. Now at age 22, having traveled to 31 countries so far, her goal is to explore every continent; she hopes to complete her goal by traveling to Antartica in the near future.

As a lover of everything outdoors, Kate is driven to explore all the amazing landscapes and cultures this world has to offer. When she gets an adventure on her mind, she goes out and does whatever it takes to make it possible and encourages everyone else to do the same. Kate likes to live by the idea that “the only thing stopping you is you” and feels that everyone may need to be reminded of this from time to time.

What inspired you to start a life of travel and adventure? 

In high school I had an obsession with France and always planned on spending time there in a gap year after year 12. During that year I spent 10 months traveling around Europe and the UK, I lived in France for 3 months and Ghana, Africa for 1.5. That was that for travel, I was officially hooked.

In terms of adventure, I actually used to be quite terrified of everything, I was so scared of heights that I refused to climb stairs that weren’t solid. After I returned from my first big trip I quickly became desperate for more adventure. I got into my University’s outdoors club where I was introduced to the world of rock climbing. I was obsessed and began climbing 4-5 days a week which lead onto more and more different grand adventures all around the world.

How do you use ski season to your advantage to get some adventures in, and fund your next trips?

Ski seasons are great; they allow you to live in an environment where adventure is constantly around you whilst giving you the chance to earn some money and the time off to go out and enjoy it afterwards.  Working ski seasons is all about finding the balance between enjoying your season and working towards your saving goals for future adventures.

What are some of your tips for being able to afford and save money while traveling abroad?

Having goals and constantly being in a saving mindset is really important. Even whilst I’m traveling I am thinking about my next adventure. Every single purchase I make, I keep in mind the fact that the less money I spend in the minute, the further I can stretch it in days. Every single dollar counts.

How many countries have you been to so far, and what have been your favorite destinations so far?

I believe my total is 31 so far but it is so hard to pick just a few favorites. Switzerland is a country that I instantly fell in love with. The mountains are incredible and there is just so much outdoors to explore.

Canada is definitely up there as I have spent quite a bit of time living there and experiencing not only the beautiful landscapes but the amazing natural outdoorsy nature of the people.

India was also a country where I just found myself 100% submerged in real life local culture on many different occasions. I love traveling in countries which make you stop and laugh at random situations you find yourself in on a daily basis.

What inspired you to begin your travel blog Bags Always Packed?

I seem to manage to get myself into some pretty interesting situations whilst traveling and every time my friends heard my stories they kept telling me I should start a book or a blog. On top of that, I found myself being constantly sought out for advice concerning travel, flights or adventures. I started my blog with the aim of combining the two and hopefully not only inspire people to get out there and adventure but give them the knowledge to do so as well.

What are your goals to take your blog to the next level? 

Basically I just want to keep writing and sharing my stories whilst growing my audience to inspire others to travel and adventure.

How do you believe travel makes a positive impact on our lives?

We at This Adventure Life want our readers to live life fearlessly in the pursuit of living their ideal life. What would your advice be for someone who wants to live fearlessly and pursue their wildest dreams? 

Simply just get out there and do it! So many people tell me all the time that they are so jealous of my lifestyle and wish that they could live like me. In all seriousness, anyone could do what I do, all it takes is a bit of motivation and a leap of faith.

Where is your next big adventure?

I have a couple of plans in the works for the next year or so. After this winter season is finished I’m thinking of a taking a climbing trip to Thailand for October before heading back to Canada. From there I would like to make my way back down to South America where I will take a boat trip to Antarctica to explore the 7th continent. That’s a rough plan but really, anything could happen!

Read her adventure blog: bagsalwayspacked.wordpress.com

Follow her on Instagram: @bagsalwayspacked ​

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