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Miguel of Wilderness Badass is an adventure junkie. Always has been. Always will be. He is an outdoorsman, a waterman, and a hopeless optimist. Surfing and paddling outrigger canoes is what he’s in when he’s not in the backcountry. He has been an athlete all his life. He doesn’t care too much for watching sports; he would rather be out playing them. He loves to eat and loves to cook. He grew up and currently lives in Southern California, and couldn’t imagine a better place to indulge in literally all-things-outdoors.

What inspired you to create Wilderness Badass, and how has it evolved since conception?

The concept of Wilderness Badass grew from a bucket list of hikes and places that me and a few of my friends had set out to see. I had just moved back to California because I missed having the opportunity to get in the car, drive 5-6 hours, and be in the middle of nowhere on a trail that would put me out on some of the most majestic landscapes very few people get to see. I wanted to see places I had never seen in person but, more importantly, I wanted to share it with others. I wanted to push my friends to come along for the adventure and find out what was waiting for us at the end of those treks. Watching my friends as their faces would light up because of the magical sunsets, or sunrises, or views we were experiencing, with no one else in sight – that’s what stoked me out. The best part was coming back home. Going out to these mystical places only to come back home with legendary stories of what we had seen and sharing photographs made more and more people want to join next time. We cut out all the filters, cut out politics and every day issues, and completely loosened up our sense of humor. I made it clear that fear, and negativity, and limiting beliefs was not something we wanted as part of the Crew we were building. And so the mindset I set out to continue pushing, and the culture I wanted to spread, is what manifested into Wilderness Badass. It didn’t matter whether someone had extensive backpacking experience or if someone was doing a hike for the very first time – I just wanted to gather people who wanted to see and take on the challenges of the wilderness without sense of doubt. Just like cancer spreads, so does a sense of adventure and the desire to be legendary in our pursuit of live an ineffable life.

What do you love most about the Grizzly Crew? 

The Grizzly Crew is made of the people who are already doing what we’re doing and share the Wilderness Badass mindset to push themselves and put fear aside. These guys are out climbing, trail running, bagging peaks without waiting for someone to take them. But the best part is that they are always surrounding themselves with others to who keep them motivated to do more, to climb higher, to hiker farther, and to push harder.

What have been some of your most memorable trips with Wilderness Badass?

The first open invitation trip we did to Havasupai Falls has by far been the one of the most legendary weekends we’ve had. The spirit of adventure completely took over the weekend. It was a complete group of strangers all bound by this place which most of us had never been to. It was a last minute trip as we had the opportunity to take 30 permits that were going to go unused. We jumped at the opportunity and invited anyone who was willing to drop their plans to go and adventure with us. This trip was as if we had planned a trip of a lifetime with some of our closest friends. The best part is that some great friendships came from that group and we continue to adventure together.

Where are some of your “bucket list” trips for Wilderness Badass? 

Out in the wilderness, away from people, but high on the list is backpacking through Patagonia and its towering granite peaks, massive blue-white glaciers and some of the world’s most majestic places that remain untouched by modern civilization.

What are your goals for the future of Wilderness Badass?

What are some of the most memorable stories from your personal adventures?

This is pretty simple for me and kinda corny, but I honestly get my stoke from watching someone reach a peak, finish a trail, or simply make a jump of a cliff, when they didn’t think they could do it but chose to push themselves to simply found out that nothing was holding them back. Watching the stoke is what makes it all worth it for me.

We at This Adventure Life want our readers to live life fearlessly in the pursuit of living their ideal life. What would your advice be for someone who wants to live fearlessly and pursue their wildest dreams? 

Simple. Sign up and show up. Don’t overthink things. Prepare yourself as much as possible, but trust your abilities to push beyond your limits. Talk yourself into something, not out of it. You’ll soon realize that the only thing stopping you from making things happen is you. Like we say: Stay Rad. Live Wild. Be Legendary.

Where is your next adventure? 

This is a tough one. Most adventures are planned last minute. This is what continues to attract adventurous people to the Wilderness Badass Crew.

Be Legendary: wildernessbadass.com

Follow him on Instagram: @miguelmigs

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