Day Trip: Exploring Jasper by Stand-Up Paddleboard

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After a day of skydiving at Edmonton Skydive Center, we wanted to explore some new spots in Jasper National Park. It was a beautiful and warm June day: the lakes had melted, the trails were easily accessible and we were ready for some adventure.

In the summer, the lakes in the Canadian Rockies are no longer frozen, and they are a brilliant clear, turquoise blue. On a hot day, the cold glacier water is refreshing and invigorating. We wanted to explore the lakes in a way most don’t: by paddleboard. But we had one problem: we didn’t have our paddleboards.

We researched rental places, and came across one right by Lake Edith. Set in the mountains and just minutes from the highway, Lake Edith is super accessible yet worlds away.

It was a quiet and peaceful day, with barely anyone else at the lake. You can find the pop-up paddleboard rental shack owned by Translucid Adventures right at the lake, just a short walk away from the parking lot.

Our time on Lake Edith was perfect. When we got there, the skies were blue and the water was crystal clear; a lot of the lake is fairly shallow, so you can see the rocks at the bottom as you paddle by. When the sun is shining bright, and the clouds are sparse, the water is a magical aqua-blue color.

So how do these Rocky Mountain glacier lakes get their famous color?

When they begin to melt during the spring, the silt from the glacier melt enters the lakes. When the sun hits the water, the result is an otherworldly turquoise blue. Depending on the amount of sunlight, the colors will vary. The brighter and higher the sun, the more brilliant the blue. If the clouds start to come in, the lake won’t be as vibrant, but it still makes for some amazing views, and dramatic photo opportunities. The vibrant colors are best seen in the summer months if June through August, when the silt level is the highest.

During our time at Lake Edith, we were able to see many different shades of the lake, as the clouds came in as the day went by. The weather in the Canadian Rockies can be pretty unpredictable, so prepare for anything and everything. We were lucky while we were there to have almost perfect weather, and are so thankful to have experienced exploring the lake with Translucid Adventures.

We always recommend exploring places from a different perspective, and paddleboarding is definitely one of our favorite ways to achieve this. Not only is it an amazing workout, but it allows you to view the landscape from the water, and get up close to spots that are not accessible otherwise.

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