Learning to Skydive: Accelerated Freefall Course

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Last year I made it my mission to become a certified solo skydiver. I was a few months away from my 30th birthday, and was going over some goals I had set out for myself a few years back. One of the ones that was not ticked off was to learn to skydive. I decided that there was no better time than now to learn. After all if not now, when would I get the next chance? I wanted to live more fearlessly, and to do that I had to conquer not only my goals, but myself.


I woke up in a hotel about 20 minutes away from the dropzone. I got a decent sleep, and despite being a bit groggy, was eager and admittedly nervous to take the plunge. I got everything together, got a decent bland breakfast, and left around 8 am to meet my instructor.

It was a pleasant, warm California day with clear blue skies and a faint wind. The perfect weather for a student jumper. I drove past sunflower fields and hot air balloon enthusiasts flew above me. It was almost too idyllic, I thought. Was this a bad sign?


I came back the next day for my second jump, which was basically the same routine as the first one, but learning how to turn. I had learned how to turn earlier in the wind tunnels, and was very confident about this jump.

It was a fun jump, and everything went according to plan. Like jump one, I landed nicely on the field and left the dropzone more confident in myself and my abilities.

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