Tom Weiszensteiner: Life on the Slopes

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Tom, 31, is an avid skier from the Austrian alps. When he is not shredding on the slopes, he works as a physical education teacher and aspires to inspire his students to get active. When he is not teaching or skiing, you can find him climbing and exploring.

You live a life full of adrenaline-fueled adventures such as freeride skiing, surfing and climbing. How did you get into these activities?

I have been skiing since i was a little boy, as the nearest mountain is 20 minutes away by car. During my studies i was a ice hockey player in the second league so it was forbidden to ski during the seasons. Now that I am done with ice hockey I have much more time to ski and do other sports. When I go surfing I go with my friends who grown up with me, which makes for very fun holidays. Climbing is something new, since I began last December.

How has your love of adventure translated into your professional life? 

For me, as a physical eduction teacher, it is easy to translate as I always try to inspire my students to go on adventures (such as through ski week and summer sports week).


Who do you look up to in the action sports industry? How do they inspire you in how you live your life?

In the action sports industry I am inspired by a lot of things I see on Facebook and Instagram by other athletes. If i see nice freeriding photos I think to myself “I also could take shots like these.”

What are your your some of most memorable adventures?

The most memorable adventure was the surf trip to Costa Rica. Perfect waves, sunny weather, good food and far away from civilization.

Where is your next big adventure?

I don’t know exactly what my next adventure will be. First of all I would like to climb on the highest mountain of Styria (Via Ferrata). It should be a training for next season to climb on top of Austria (Großglockner) and on the way down I will ski.

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