Malin Kirjonen: A Swede on Adventure

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To say that Malin is an adventurer is an understatement. Self-described as a peaceful warrior, she aims to live every day to the fullest and experience all that life has to offer. Growing up in a small Swedish town, she visualized a life of adventures around the world. Now located in Cape Town, South Africa, she works as a stunt performer and lives the dream life she envisioned as a young girl. Today, you can find her paddle surfing, kite boarding, scuba diving, exploring tunnels, practicing martial arts, riding horses and exploring the world.

You travel, kitesurf, paddleboard, scuba dive and participate in the martial arts, among many other high-energy activities. What inspired you to become the adventurer you are today?

As long as I can remember I have always been curious and looking at the world as an adventure. My imagination was wild and always when I was playing with my friends I was something like a cowboy or when we climbed trees, I felt like a hero that needed to rescue my friends, who had no idea they were in danger!

The person who inspired me and supported me to carry on living as a wild child was my Dad. Almost every evening he created his own bedtime stories about this little girl “Molly” (me) who was out on dangerous explorations and being brave. He was not only sharing inspiring stories, himself was traveling the world, climbing huge mountain with my mum, participated in cycling races, military service, karate, skiing etc.. We went to roller coaster parks and if I was too young or too short he told me to walk on my toes or lie about my age so I could come with him on the bigger rides and when my mum and bigger sister had gone to bed for the evenings, Dad and I used to sit up and watch scary movies and eat chips.

But then it also feels like my adventurous spirit is in my genes. My grandparents, who came from Ingermansland/”Inkeri”, today known as the St Petersburg area in Russia, had to flee their homes as teenagers during the Finish Winter War (part of second world war). My grand-aunt was even in concentration camp and survived not only the war but also tuberculosis. They all met in my home town Borås in Sweden many years later. I, as a small child, used to sit down with them and listen to all these stories from their rough horrible years growing up during war times. They really inspired me to work hard if I want anything good and not to be greedy.

How has your passion for adventure changed your life?

The more I travel the more I get involved with “life activities,” such as ocean, mountain, wind, animals, the more I appreciate what earth has given us and what we are capable of.  I just realize more and more that I just want to live and be grateful.

The only thing that matters to me is to live life, and this is exactly why I am sharing my blog and adventures, in hope to inspire more people to do what makes them feel complete and happy.

What advice would you give others about following their dreams?

I really want more people to believe in their dreams and to live in complete happiness. My biggest advice is to not be afraid to make a change and to remember that the change doesn’t always have to make sense in the beginning. Making a change, for example move into a new environment, can lead to the steps it requires for us to get involved with what we dream of doing or meeting the people we need to connect with to get to that right place. Sudden opportunities can come up; we might try something new that end up being the most important step of the whole picture. Also changing environment and get closer to the place where your dreams are available will make you meet people that are similar minded to you.

Where is your next adventure? 

My next adventure could be anything. I have some travel coming up with both work and sport, that I know is going to give me a lot of experience and take me further on my journey. Skydiving certification is also in the near future. But when and where I will be exploring more of life, I will allow the time to tell. I will just keep doing what I love doing and be ready when the time comes.

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