Night Photography: Chasing the Milky Way

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This past Thursday night I left to go out to the desert here in California with one of my best friends. We took off around 8 and got there at just about 10:30 only to find that the stars were in full force. Being near Palm Springs we knew there wouldn’t be completely dark skies but I took the camera gear out anyways.

I’m stoked I took the tripod out and snapped some shots as I know these are some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken. Using my Sony a7riii and my Rokinon 14mm lens I couldn’t say I need a better combo for the job. Enjoy this photo blog, these are some bitchin’ shots. Don’t forget to subscribe so you can stay updated with all of my escapades!

Every time I’ve attempted at shooting the Milky Way I was always discouraged at my photos never coming out to be worthy of just sitting back and saying “holy shit”, I think I can comfortably kick back, throw my feet up on the desk and say “holy shit.”

One of those, where the hell am I that I can have buildings and the Milky Way show an appearance? Oh yeah, this was only one photo. No stacking no adding in the foreground, just one badass shot.

All of these are available for sale on my SmugMug account.

All of these are available for sale on my SmugMug account.

So many, so many that should be on your wall so you can fall asleep under the Milky Way just like I did that night.

Thanks for checking out the photos! I love being able to share moments I experience with you all.

These are some shots I’d love each and every one of you to have up on your wall. Click here for the print options and prices!

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