Ten Health Benefits of Paragliding

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When most people think about paragliding, the words “health benefits” usually don’t come to mind. Many people see paragliding as something they may try one day, something they can tick off their bucket list. We are here to show you how paragliding has many rewards and benefits beyond the initial rush of the flight. Who knows? You may try it and want to become a seasoned paragliding pilot!

Imagine… feeling the breeze on your face, seeing the uninterrupted 360-degree views of the landscape around you as a bird would, soaring close to the environment as you experience human flight in its purest form.

Besides being an extremely fun activity which gives you the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective, make amazing friendships and experience the feeling of flight, paragliding offers many positive benefits for your mental and physical health.


Besides offering an endless supply of adventure opportunities, being outdoors and in nature is optimal for the mind, body and soul. Being around nature, breathing fresh air and feeling the warm rays from the sun boots the mood as well as the immune system.

Vitamin D from the sun gives the body a nice boost of serotonin as well as contributing to a strong skeletal system.

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