Tahir Razzaq: Diversity and Adventure

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Tahir is a talented and adventurous 24 year old living in Salt Lake City with a passion for the outdoors. He is driven through his desire to explore and to give back by inspiring and teaching others to love for and care for the outdoors. In 2013, he went through some serious depression and anxiety caused by physical issues. At the time, he didn’t know what was going on with his body and if he would ever be able to control it. After several misdiagnoses, he learned from his own research that he was suffering badly from several forms of Dystonia, which is a neuromuscular disorder that essentially causes unwanted muscle spasms. This can be debilitating, especially in his case of Vocal Cord Dysfunction and Blepharospasms. The former has similar symptoms to Asthma, so he kept getting misdiagnosed. Once he properly diagnosed himself he learned how manage and control these issues.

One of the ways he learned to cope with these issues was by coping with stress. He also suffered from obesity his whole life and in 2010, weighed a record 306 lbs. Today he is at 205 lbs and continues to push to get healthy and stronger. The outdoors, in particular hiking, have been his ultimate salvation. Nature has cured him physically and mentally in more ways than medicine ever could. By being outdoors, whether a simple stroll, a challenging hike, or climbing a 5.8 wall, he has pushed the mental and physical barriers that once controlled his life. He continues to face challenges today but knows that he will always have nature to turn to when things get a little hard.

Since 2014, he has spent the bulk of his free time outside. He has inspired others to join as well and to draw the same therapy from nature that he has. He has also started a movement to diversify the outdoors, which I call Diversity ‘n Adventure. In the process, he has also picked up on photography and other hobbies including: making videos, blogging, camping, backpacking, kayaking, biking, peak bagging, skiing, winter hiking, traveling, beach bumming, etc… He sees people struggle every day, with depression, anxiety and a plethora of other issues and hopes he can inspire these people to get out and cured by nature, much in the same way he was. He hopes to continue expanding his outdoors experience, including his health, which is a lifelong process. Get out, get inspired.

We are so captivated by your photography and want to thank you for sharing your story with us. Where do you currently reside? Where are some of your favorite local spots for photography?

You’re welcome, and thanks for having me! I reside in Salt Lake City, Utah. Some of my favorite spots are in real close proximity. I love photographing Lake Blanche (especially at sunset), Mount Timpanogos, the Salt Flats, Christmas Meadows in the Uinta Mountains and pretty much anywhere in Southern Utah, you really can’t go wrong anywhere in this beautiful state!

What inspired you to get involved in photography?

It just kind of happened, I started traveling and hiking to amazingly beautiful places and decided that cellphone pictures could only do so much, so I ordered a Nikon D5000 online and I don’t regret it! I am still learning and need to buy more lenses and filters! The Tetons were the mountain range that captivated my heart and I thank them for my interest in photography as well. It’s truly a magical place and as a photographer, it’s a delight to capture.

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