Cliff Diving Silver Springs, B.C.

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I could think of tons of sweet activities to get into on a hot summer day in British Columbia. Anything from hiking, skydiving, canoeing, paddle boarding, the list goes on! And if you explore the depths of the mountains in some areas you can find some amazing little spots like Silver Springs Lakes just outside Fernie.

This spot is a hidden mountain paradise with beautiful scenery and a chill vibe. It’s a popular spot for anyone looking to swim in the refreshing cool water, or perhaps sun tan up high on the cliffs. It’s a great place to drift around in a little blow-up raft in a completely relaxing, calm and quiet environment. Or, if you’re looking for a little more of a thrilling exciting activity, Silver Springs Lake is a sweet spot to jump off cliffs!

My first time experiencing Silvers Springs Lake was two summers ago. I was visiting relatives in Cranbrook. I try to make it out there at least once, maybe two times year to catch up with all my family in B.C. All my relatives are very active; they know all the best hiking trails, waterfall and lakes with cliff jumping spots in the Kootenay region. I’m from the middle of Saskatchewan where it’s pretty much all flat with prairies so I feel pretty lucky to get to go check out these places with them.

My younger cousin Dawson asked me if I wanted to go cliff jumping. He read my mind! Dawson told me about this cool place just outside Fernie, B.C. called Silver Springs Lake. I remember he described it as a hidden little blue mountain lake surrounded by steep cliffs perfect for cliff jumping. It’s small enough that you can swim to the other side in less than a minute. But it’s deep enough that you can safely jump from the cliffs above. I pretty much grew up on the diving boards as a kid and naturally cliff jumping appeals to me so I didn’t even have to think about it. We just went!

After a short cruise off the highway we parked the truck and started hiking up a watery creek bed up the mountain. It was a hot day in July, at least 30 above. I had a backpack full of water, energy drinks, camera equipment, towels,  beach clothes and snacks. I came prepared to stay most of the day. If you visit this place remember to bring mosquito spray for the trail! It was only about a 15 minute hike to the cliffs. You’d want a decent pair of shoes for the trail considering it’s mostly rocks and rugged terrain. It’s not too steep but it can be slippery in some spots (wearing sandals could be tricky). As we got closer to the lake I could hear the sounds of people hitting the water, which got me super pumped. Finally after arriving at our destination I got to see this place with my own eyes! This place was a cliff jumping sanctuary. Cliffs of all sizes. Anywhere from 5 feet high to a towering 60 feet above the water. Perfect for all ages and levels of divers. There were about 50 other people there that day. Families, groups of friends, couples and people with their dogs. Everyone was sprawled out over the smooth flat rock cliffs overlooking the lake. It’s just a chill spot with sparkling blueish green water and great mountain views. People can be seen taking turns jumping off the cliffs, doing flips, tricks, jumping together.

I bet you I jumped 25 times that day off the 30 footer. Just chucking gainers and flips. The 30 footer was probably the best set up if you wanted a higher fall and deep enough water to safely land in. The 45 footer and the 60 footer looked a little sketchy because there’s a big fallen tree a few feet under the water stretching across the landing area on that side. I didn’t attempt those cliffs. It was tempting, but it can also be a bad place to get hurt because the lake is surrounded by high cliffs and with an injury you might have trouble getting out of the water. And it’s still a 15 minute hike back to the parking lot. So I kept it safe and stuck to the 30 footer. What I really liked about this place was that I could jump as much as I wanted, then I could relax on the cliffs up top while visiting with new friends I just met while catching some rays of sun. Once I got too hot I could do a flip off the cliff then go for a swim across the lake to the other side to cool off and view people jumping from there. This lake also looked like a very relaxing calm quiet place to lay in a blow-up raft and just drift around. There’s no motor boats or jet skis because there’s no place to launch them. We spent all afternoon at Silver Springs lake, jumping and enjoying the scenery.

The following summer my girlfriend Kirsten and I went to B.C. so she could meet some of my relatives for the first time. Kirsten and I do lots of fun and exciting adventures together. She loves the mountains and hiking so I figured going back to Silver Springs would be a perfect way to spend one of our days out there. My cousin Dawson came again, as well as my aunt Cathy, my cousin Sarah, her dog Kay and of course my little dog Ginger. Returning to Silver Springs for my second time was a great experience. You could say I was more excited the second time just because I had such a blast the first time and I knew what to expect.

When we arrived it was just as I remembered. The conditions were perfect. Sparkling blue water and perfect weather. I’d say there were more people there the second time but it didn’t get too crowded, which was nice. We spent all afternoon jumping off the cliffs and filming with Go Pro cameras. The temperature of the water was perfect and we even took the dogs in the lake to swim around and cool off. We had so much fun that day the time just flew by. Early into the evening we finally packed up and took off.

Anytime I think about cliff jumping I think of the times spent at Silver Springs lake. Just a cool little place hidden in the mountains offering amazing scenery where you can release some adrenaline, exercise at you own pace, or just relax in the sun. A welcoming environment suitable for all age groups. I’m looking forward to coming back sometime soon.

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