American Wanderlove: The Adventures of Leslie Medley

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Leslie Medley is a human. And she is human AF. She is also a world traveler, international conscious entrepreneur, speaker, coach and Co-Founder of American Wanderlove, Global Influencing Company. She is guided in living from a space of adventure to experience personal freedom while exploring diverse cultures around the globe. She loves playing in nature, laughing and connecting with people all over the world.

In 2018, Leslie made the transition from a badass critical care nurse in a hospital setting to a global healer traveling around facilitating transformation through the experiential learning of nature & adventure. This transition out of corporate life in America brought her to living abroad full-time, pursuing a vision that has flowed through her partnership, American Wanderlove, Global Influencing Company. American Wanderlove is committed to sharing the message of Living the Adventures of Life℠. She facilitates International Transformational Adventure Retreats and leading Online Virtual Coaching Programs to guide individuals into personal freedom. Freedom from the constraints of the “shoulds” and “supposed-to’s” of the western world.

Leslie and her partner have created a framework integrating their own lessons from their world travels. They have a unique and highly-effective way of combining the sacred, time-tested teachings of the East with the new age, mindset, law of attraction & personal development teachings of the West all taught through the experiential learning of nature and adventure. Through her extensive world travels, working, interviewing, and speaking to countless numbers of people, she has discovered that The American Dream is no longer working. She is committed to redefining the American Dream through redefining success, happiness, and freedom. 

The Revelation Generation (the newer generation) is ready to create their life much differently than it has been done before. Leslie is a traveling yogini mountain gypsy that believes every single person has the BIRTH RIGHT to live their fullest and BEST life now. A life they are completely obsessed with, fulfilled in living their one & only adventurous life right now.

Read on for our interview with Leslie, as we get to dig deep into her journey through travel, adventure, self-love and entrepreneurship.

How do you believe travel and adventure can transform one’s life and help them find their purpose?

I believe we must put ourselves in new situations, outside of our comfort zones, to learn more about who we are, what we are capable of and to see the infinite possibilities in life as an American. With intention, travel and adventure are methods for experiential learning, meaning: it is a hands on, in the driver’s seat, on the court, integrated approach to transcended our greatest fears, self-limiting beliefs and provides people an opportunity tap into their adventurous spirit, also known as their full potential.

Through experiential learning, people discover new passions, rewire their belief system, restructure the way they see themselves and their life. This leads people to discovering and feeling connected to their purpose. This is what I call going from living in the mundane world of the ordinary to the magnificent world of the extraordinary. Playing in your passions will guide you directly to your purpose, your Dharma. Facilitating transformation through adventure is the most effective form of personal development work because it is FELT, EXPERIENCED, LIVED – not just talked about as a nice concept inside a conference room or yoga circle.

What were some of the obstacles you encountered when you first started your business? What did you do to overcome them and grow?

When I first starting building my business with my partner, I received a lot of resistance from my family. They expressed their fears onto me saying, “Are you sure you want to leave your nursing job? You’re really going to go into business with your boyfriend? Isn’t it too soon? You’re not even married. What happens if it fails?” Some of these family members were the closest people to me so it was challenging to hear and I felt that they didn’t support my vision that set my soul on fire.

I also see where I was inauthentic in sharing with certain family members and friends, this is where I saw I had many more obstacles to overcome that all started within myself. I realized I didn’t fully believe in myself to build a business because I had no experience, I was never trained and there was no guarantee that it was going to work out. What would people think? Who am I to coach people? These beliefs stopped me dead in my tracks from taking action – marketing, sharing and enrolling – for many months. This is where my spiritual journey (entrepreneurship) really began. This is where God brought many tests and trials for me to overcome. I needed to be stretched, molded and prepared to be the leader I was being called to be.

What I discovered is that once I shifted my environment, surrounded myself with people who saw my vision and fully supported me, continued to reaffirm the truth, speak life INTO the future vision, the future ME – my beliefs started shifting. I started to move into the identity I was dreaming of, I started to have conversations about what was possible versus reasons for why it might not work out. I started taking action, despite feeling sensations of fears, to share more on social media, get on live videos, share with co-workers, friends and family, using my feminine creativity and trusting that I am fully supported in my vision that serves the greater good of humanity, to truly transforms people’s lives. I’ve accepted the fact that the fears never go away. I just continue to take the next indicated step of action, expanding my capacity to live in my potential and receive the blessings and gifts from the universe.

Mastering Entrepreneurship is getting really comfortable with being uncomfortable. Every single day I am stretched beyond what I thought I was capable of- which always expands me to the next level. I love the person this journey has created.

What are some long-term and short-term goals for your coaching and retreat business?

This year, my short-term goals for our business are to facilitate at least 5 international Transformational Adventure Retreats in 2 different countries while attracting over 48 people into these retreats where they will experience an adventure of a lifetime and leave with a new lens of how they see and live in the world, just like I did. For coaching, our goal is to attract over 24 new souls into our coaching program as well as expand our Ambassador program to 2-3 new influencers collaborating on retreats where they are given the opportunity to experience how a retreat is run, interning with AWL and becoming an International Leader through American Wanderlove.

As for my long term visions, there are so many, and I am always adding more. Our biggest vision is to have 10-15 retreats during our “retreat season” (May-October) across over five countries as well as consistently having over 24 coaching clients per year with ambassadors running half of our retreats around the world. I desire to expand my public speaking; this is where I feel the most in my power. A book will be coming too!

Our visions are always changing and expanding at the rate we change and expand! 

Where have been some of your favorite places or experiences from your travels, and why?

So far, it has been the Philippines, Indonesia, India and Nepal! The people in the Philippines are the most generous and kind people so It feels really welcoming. The water, the islands and the jungles of the Philippines are some of the most beautiful I have seen. As some islands are far less traveled than other places I have experienced so it’s more preserved and natural. Lots of nature, my style!

I also LOVE Bali. It’s my summer home away from the States. The energy, spirituality and community of Bali is amazing. The Hindu people and culture feels like family and it’s a great place to network and expand my business! Bali is my home away from home; I have never seen such beauty in one place. This island is Sacred in every way.

India is a love-dislike kind of relationship. It is intense, insane and so pure at the same time. I have spent quite a bit of time in India studying with my Guru at the base of the Himalayas and traveling around. I have never met such purely loving and serving people in my life as I have in India. There is a sense of brotherhood and connection that is untouchable. The roots of yoga run so deep in North India, they really get and LIVE the concept of UNTIY. I learn so much from this country and it’s people. Nepal because…. Himalayas and no honk-honking… need I say more?

Where are some of your “bucket list” trips? 

The first thing that popped into my mind is to do a solo-trek to Everest Base Camp in Himalayas of Nepal. Scotty and I trekked to Annapurna Base Camp in 2018 and I felt a strong calling to do Everest Base Camp by myself. So, this will be happening soon! Greece, Egypt and Israel have been calling my name for a while now. Also down for more diving and snowboarding locations too!

What would your advice be to someone who wants to start living the digital nomad lifestyle?

Discover what your special gifts are that are of value to others. Figure out a way, a system, that you can share and leverage your gifts to impact others. This will always come back in return to you in the form of money, energy. Discover your passions, your own unique adventure – this is bringing you to your purpose. You must realize that the visions and dreams that are flowing through you, people are praying to have these dreams and visions come to them in the physical form! This idea wouldn’t come to YOU specifically if A. someone else wasn’t out there ASKING, PRAYING for this service, product, niche or B. it wasn’t meant for YOU to fulfill on.

So, when you feel that nudge, that urge, the little voice, that calling to be pulled somewhere, to do something- do it with complete faith and trust that you are fully supported as long as you are living true to YOU, taking consistent aligned action and believing in the infinite possibilities coming your way! What if it actually worked out? Or what if it didn’t? Focus on WHO you become in the process, either way- no matter the outcome. This is where it really gets fun!

Where is your next adventure?

My next adventure is going to India in March for 2 months for more travel, deepening my yoga practices with my Guru. Then off to Bali, Indonesia for 4 months to facilitate 4 Adventure Retreats (2 being led by other influencers!) and finally to Costa Rica for a month or two to facilitate 2 more Transformational Adventure Retreats and probably wander through Guatemala, Ecuador and Peru within these two months. Like I said, plans are always changing within the vision so I remain open and unattached to where I’m being guided. I know wherever my two feetsies land, that is right where I am supposed to be. 

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