Paddleboard Review: Bluefin Sprint

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Paddleboarding isn’t just a hobby; it’s a lifestyle. I have enjoyed any day that involved a great paddle session since I first tried the sport in Tahoe years back. It’s a killer workout and a great way to experience the outdoors. When I began stand-up paddleboarding, I used hard-top boards that were similar to longboards used in surfing. Sometimes I even used surfboards! They were great, but not always convenient for traveling. When inflatable boards were introduced, it was a complete game-changer.

BlueFin is a company that is passionate about quality boards and the SUP lifestyle. Based in the UK, they strive to create products for everyone to enjoy. They wanted to create paddleboards that were affordable yet didn’t compromise on quality. They spent a lot of time researching how to make the perfect board, and it payed off! They were awarded “Best Inflatable SUP of 2019.”

Photo by Royce Sihlis. Kelowna, British Colombia.

I chose the BlueFin Sprint. This 14 inch board is built for racing and speed, perfect for touring. It comes with everything you need: a high-pressure pump, easy-to-assemble paddle, detachable tracking fin, ankle bungee leash and backpack that fits it all. The backpack is wonderful and fits really nicely. This way, I can take the board with me on hikes to lakes not easily accessible by car without tiring myself out in the process. You can also use the backpack as a cargo holder on your board. Some of the features that set it apart are the no-slip grip deck pad, military-grade durability, fixed handles, fixed GoPro mount and bungee cords to place your gear.

Photo by Royce Sihlis. Kelowna, British Colombia.

One thing I noticed about Bluefin is how much faster it took to inflate and deflate than other boards I’ve used and owned. Inflating a paddleboard can be an exercise itself! Also, unlike some other inflatable boards I have used in the past, it was easy to deflate, repack and get back in the bag afterwards.

As this board is meant for speed, the sleek and narrow build does require a bit more balance. If you are looking for something a bit more beginner friendly, they have that too! They have boards in various shapes and sizes to accommodate all levels and needs.

I absolutely love this board. It’s fast, perfect for travel and easy to set up. As I travel quite a bit, I keep it in my car to have it ready to go at any time I’m near open water and am craving a paddle session. If you are looking for a quality, affordable, inflatable board that is also a lot of fun to tour, look no further than BlueFin. You won’t be disappointed!

Photo by Royce Sihlis. Kelowna, British Colombia.

Photos by: Royce Sihlis


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