Garet Bloodworth: Breaking Skydiving Records

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Garet, 27, is a professional skydiver and tunnel flyer in Chicago, IL. As the Lead Instructor at iFly Chicago, and believes the best tool for any skydiver to progress is tunnel flying, as it lets you break down each skill and perfect it. In skydiving, he is a 5-time World Record holder, including the 164-Way Head Down World Record. In 2018, he hope to break it yet again.

We are so stoked and honored to share your skydiving journey and adventures. As a 5X world record holder, professional skydiver and tunnel flyer, we’d say you are quite accomplished in the sport! How did you get involved in skydiving, and how has it changed your life?

A friend asked if I wanted to go skydiving; I quickly said yes. Before I knew it I was strapped to an instructor on a plane. As soon as I landed I signed up for the student course and the rest is history.

What has skydiving taught you about living life?

You only get one life, make it count. Life is a beautiful thing, once you understand how to truly live it.

What are some of the most memorable jumps and achievements from your skydiving journey?

The most memorable jump I’ve done was the 164-way Head Down World Record. 164 of the most elite skydivers across the world came together to make one goal happen. There’s an endless list of events and things that lead up to that being possible. A feeling of accomplishment I’ll never forget when we set that record. Good thing is, records are made to be broken so I’m looking forward to 2018 in which we’re going to try and break it again!

What do you love about being a skydiving and tunnel coach?

I love to teach. But most importantly its a great feeling as a coach seeing your students progress and get better. Building confidence and skill sets with people is very rewarding as a coach.

Check out his adventures on Instagram: @garetbloodworth

Check out his Facebook page: /garetbloodworthofficial

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