Flock Goods: Interview with Founder and Professional Skydiver Matthew Gagne

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“Athletes. Visionaries. Dynamos.” These are the people that make up the Flock community. They love to explore the world, push boundaries and empower people to live an adventurous and healthy lifestyle.

So what is Flock Goods? Founded by professional skydiver and world record holder Matthew Gagne, Flock Goods is supplement and nutraceutical company that aims to inspire you to unlock and maximize your potential. And to live boldly. Read on for our interview with Matthew as we ask him about his skydiving career, accident that changed his life and goals with Flock Goods.

Can you tell us a bit about Flock Goods and how the company developed?

The idea for Flock Goods originated in 2014 after I was involved in a serious car accident. The crash left me with severe injuries, including ten fractures in my spine. Part of my cervical spine was completely severed, leaving me internally decapitated. Throughout the course of my recovery, I was heavily prescribed to narcotics to help manage the pain. But I thought I could do better for my body. I wanted to bring my healing process directly back to the source, so I started supplementing and using CBD for pain management. Eventually, I developed a holistic, custom-made nutritional supplement routine to help support my recovery.

I soon came to realize that my situation wasn’t unique. In cases of traumatic injury, healing has many layers. While nurturing your physical scars, you also have to find a way to deal with other scars. In my case, my emotional, financial, and spiritual health all suffered after my injury. Holistic healing has allowed me to reclaim my life after suffering a devastating injury. For me, this was something worth sharing. Flock Goods was born out of devotion, intuition, and years of meticulous research. Each day, we are working towards creating supplements that empower others to live their best, boldest, and healthiest lives. One of our slogans is “Fuel your ideas. Fuel your passion. Transform your world!”, because we believe in the power of healthy people. People who are committed to self-improvement, community care, and making the world a more amazing place.
What inspired you to get into the sport of skydiving, and what is it about the sport that kept you motivated to pursue it as a profession?
I encountered my first wind tunnel in 2007. I was working in advertising sales at the time. While pitching a sale to the owners of an indoor skydiving facility, I watched people soaring through the tunnel with a deep curiosity. I fell in love with the sport of body flight and quickly became a full-time indoor skydiving instructor. As my wind tunnel skills improved, I wanted to fly higher. I wanted to see how my skills would hold up in the sky, without the confines of walls and the controlled environment of being indoors. Skydiving gave me a sense of purpose. I instantly knew that it would be my path. I followed that path without hesitation, eventually moving to Seattle to chase the dream of becoming a professional skydiver. Soon after, I was contacted by a wind tunnel in Dubai, where I ended up working as a full-time instructor. Then, my accident happened.
Your life was changed when you were in a car accident in the desert of Abu Dhabi. When you heard that you may never skydive or live the lifestyle you had been living, what went through your mind?
I was devastated but I knew I had to stay positive. In Dubai, the judicial system basically gave me control over the punishment of the driver (who was at fault for the accident), but I forgave him immediately. I asked the police to set him free once woke up in the hospital handcuffed to his bed frame. My arms were also restrained,  but for different reason. It turns out a medical HALO had been bolted into my skull. I was scared, angry, bitter. My dreams had been ripped away by the actions of another person. I still told the police to let him go because I didn’t want carry that hatred and resentment in my heart. I knew locking him up in prison wouldn’t change the impact that the incident had on my life. The only thing within my control was how I could choose to handle my own mindset in the situation. I refused to adopt the victim mentality. Recovery was always about what I could do to maximize my efforts. Thankfully,I also had the amazing support of friends and loved ones that gave me comfort throughout my time I the hospital. Acceptance, patience, passion, perseverance, and gratitude are the invaluable life lessons I’ve gained through the process of healing.
How did recovery process inspire you to go back and live your adventure-filled life?
The recovery process was my catalyst into a positive, health-conscious lifestyle. I was always athletic, but now I wanted much more than to get back to active living- I wanted to be stronger and more adventurous than ever. I wanted to thrive. I feel like I was given another chance at life, and that second chance is a high I’ll never come down from. I’ll always be motivated to persevere. To create my own solutions when I can’t find any. To make every moment meaningful. That’s the heart of the Flock Goods lifestyle.
What inspired you to use nutraceuticals to treat the pain?
Initially, I was taking a lot of daily pills to manage my pain. In a weird way, I consider myself lucky that my accident happened in the UAE, because they prescribe narcotics very sparingly. I started taking circumin after a friend of Indian descent introduced me to Golden Milk, a recipe which contains Turmeric. Another friend encouraged an alkaline based diet and then took It upon themselves to provide me with every nutritional supplement imaginable to promote a healthy environment internally and to give my body the building blocks it needed it heal. When I moved to San Diego 2 years after my injury, I started experimenting with CBD and it completely changed my quality of life.
What was it like returning to the sport of skydiving?
It was terrifying. I feared that the screws in my neck would break, or that my neck wouldn’t be able to withstand the the opening shock of my canopy deployment. I feared becoming paralyzed, dangling helplessly under an inflated wing. But when you truly love something- when you absolutely live for it- nothing can keep you away from it. My first jump post-injury was exhilarating and satisfying beyond words. I will never forget that first taste of the air at 13,000 ft. The taste of triumph and gratitude.
After he returned to skydiving, Matthew decided to share his experience and love for nutraceuticals. Thus, Flock Goods was created.
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