Augusto Bartelle: How Skydiving Helped Fight My Addiction

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“Battling against addiction is one of the most challenging fights that I’ve ever had in my life. Skydiving is one of the key points of my recovery. After my friend passed away in a car accident, I decided to quit drugs and alcohol; I knew I was the next one to follow that path. Even though I had the support of my family and friends, I was feeling alone. I found a place to go, and I discovered people like me. There, we all could share different stories but similar feelings. That place and those people helped me a lot, and step by step, I was changing my behaviour. They were the strength that I needed during the worst moments of this fight… Falling through the sky makes me live the present, nothing else, just the most precious gift we have.”

“When I was almost one year into recovery skydiving came to my life. I was already shifting my energy towards sports. However, when I first jumped, I knew that was it! I found something that could take all my frustrations, fears, and anxieties out of my mind (and it was not illegal). Falling through the sky make me live the present, nothing else, just the most precious gift we have.”

By getting out of his comfort zone, facing his fears and battling his addiction, Augusto Bartelle shows us that we truly can live our dream life. Life is a gift, and it is so short. Augusto is a shining example of living each day to the absolute fullest. His video below serves as an inspiration to live in the now, to live for today, and to strive to live out our wildest dreams. He shows us what it is to feel truly alive, and to live fearlessly.

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