Hisanori Yamawaki: San Francisco Photographer

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Hisanori moved from Japan to San Francisco, CA last September to study abroad. An aspiring professional photographer, he has been actively pursuing his passion since last year.

His advice for getting the perfect shots? “Just keep shooting.”

We are so captivated by your photography of the San Francisco Bay Area and want to thank you for sharing your story with us. Where are some of your favorite local spots for photography?

Definitely it’s Golden Gate Bridge! It has a lot of view points. Each point leaves you different impressions. Even though I’d been taking a lot of pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge, I’m still excited when I take its photos. Ocean Beach is also my favorite place, especially sunset. Just after I came here, I was exhausted. Because I just have a few friends and I couldn’t understand well what people talking and on top of it all, I caught a cold… Then I took a walk on the beach to relax. At that time, I saw the sunset. It was so beautiful that I couldn’t say anything.

What inspired you to get involved in photography? What is your primary focus,and how did you get involved in that?

When I was in Japan, I traveled to a lot of place by bicycle. And I love to take beautiful photos during these adventures. I’d been used iPhone to take picture, but I decided to get DSLR and GoPro in order to take more beautiful photos.  So I usually capture Nature, architecture and foods. (These stuff are things of which I took photos while traveling.)

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