Megan Forman: Steel City Shredder

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Meg describes herself as a full-time scientist and part-time adventurer, although she sorely wishes it was the other way around! She hails from the “Steel City” of Sheffield, and feels lucky to live there as the peak district is right at her doorstep. She has been attempting to look graceful on two wheels for a year and a half now and loves where my bike has taken her around the UK. Because of her involvement in mountain biking she has visited so many beautiful places that she is certain she never would have heard of prior. She rides a Specialized Enduro named Bruce and loves making rainbows in the forest with his brightly coloured wheels. The MTB community has been one of the friendliest environments she has ever found herself involved in. Along the way she has met so many lovely people and now has a great circle of trail buddies for weekend adventures, whether it be in far-away lands or local post-work rides.

You live such an adventurous life full of mountain biking and exploring the trails. How did you get into these activities?

I originally got into MTB because of my other half Guy. He’s a Scottish lad through-and-through and once he showed me videos of the greats doing their thing, I was determined to attempt to the sport so we would have a common healthy activity together (I’m not a gym goer by any means) and as an ex-dancer I thought I may as well put my legs to use! Now though, because of his work as an outdoor activities instructor, I find myself getting in a lot more miles on the bike than him. How the tables have turned!

How have these adventure activities made a positive impact on your life? 

Being outside is one of nature’s best remedies for anything. Breathing the fresh air and seeing new sights… exploring places you’ve never been before… that is how I believe you’re meant to live your life. I crave the outdoors, and being on my bike allows me to do that whilst keeping fit, having fun and socializing with the awesome group of women that I now call my close friends. It’s a winner in every possible aspect.

Where do you call home? What are some of your favorite spots for mountain biking there? 

I come from the “Steel City” of Sheffield. I’m blessed to able to call this amazing city home as it has so much to offer, it’s not called “The Outdoor City'” for nothing! For a local tootle there are Grenoside/Wharncliffe woods which each offer completely different trails to the other. Then you have the peak district on your doorstep for more epic rides, and there’s also Parwood Springs right in the city centre which is a small trail centre with a dual slalom track. All of these places are amazing and provide something unique each.

When you are not shredding the trails, what are some other activities you like to do?

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