Amanda Dexter: Wolf MTB Girl

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Amanda is a registered veterinary nurse living in Gateshead, UK and currently and very newly creating a new mountain biking online media and advertising company with her partner Alex. She also has a big white German Shepherd called Kai who goes everywhere with her, including her mountain biking adventures.

She was born in North Carolina but from the age of 1 travelled all over the world with her mother. She grew up in England, Turkey, South Korea, California, Kenya and then finally settled in England (but not for long!)

She just recently found mountain biking and it turns out she has a full on massive passion for it! She is out on her bike 4 times a week if I possible (and thats regardless whether her boyfriend can come out riding as well, even though he’s the reason she got into it in the first place!) Before mountain biking took over her life her hobbies included fell running, pole fitness, dancing and traveling. Now it seems traveling and mountain biking have just taken over (and the odd gym session, to help with fitness on the bike).

You live such an adventurous life full of mountain biking and exploring. How did you get into these activities?

I went to a university that did an outdoor leadership course so there was a lot of mountain bikers at my university, I was always curious but never brave enough to see if I could come along.

Congrats on placing 4th in your most recent race! How has racing made an impact on your life?

Thank you! 🙂 I am much more confident in myself and less socially awkward now because of it, and to be honest its the friends and community I have found through it that has affected me the most.

Where are some of your favorite spots from your travels for adventure?

Kenya will always have my heart, I have never felt so free as when I was in Kenya, exploring the country with my mum and the amazing friends I made there.

What are some of your most memorable adventures?

There was one year I think it was in Thailand that I went swimming with sharks on christmas day. I was petrified and hid behind the reef while my mum got right up close.

What cameras and equipment do you use to document your adventures?

I use the GoPro, iPhone and the new Canon.

What would your advice be for someone who wants to live fearlessly and pursue their wildest dreams? 

Talk to people, reach out and meet people who are also interested in what you want to do. I found that once I got out there it was easy to find like minded people that wanted to help and encourage me. And now I can do that for other new comers into the mountain bike industry.

Where is your next big adventure?

The next big adventure will be with Alex and that is my first mountain biking holiday to Europe. He originally wanted to help me get good enough on a bike to ride anything he could and it seems that the hard work I put in has paid off and we are going to Morzine in July. Which happens to be when my birthday is 26/07, so I’m really excited about that.

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