Alex Holowko: Shredding Trails

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Alex (just try to pronounce his last name), 27 years young, has spent his life on two wheels, riding bikes around the world, and sharing his adventures to inspire others.

He has been traveling, exploring and sharing his journey for 11 years now with no plans of giving up, ‘growing up’, getting a ‘real’ job or retiring – his life is his work. Bikes have played a huge part in shaping who he is today.

The places he has visited to race and ride are simply mind blowing – and since he has met Amanda (@wolf.girl.mtb), that’s only going to get better! Flowing French alpine trails to the picturesque Canadian outback and everything in between, he gets a buzz from just being outdoors!

You live such an adventurous life full of mountain biking and exploring. How did you get into these activities?

Back in high school, my friend Rob bought a mountain bike. Every night, we’d head out to the woods behind my house, dig ‘dodgy’ cheese wedge shaped jumps and ride as fast as we could at them and see how far we could jump. From there, my Dad took me to my first race in Wales which I placed 3rd. I discovered the passion for racing and the rest is history.

Where do you call home? What are some of your favorite spots for adventure there?

My home is pretty loosely termed! I live in the UK but move around. Born in Manchester and currently reside in Newcastle – waaaay up north where they speak a funny kinda language – Jordy.

I’d love to someday call home somewhere surrounded by mountains and lakes where we can go explore right out the back door. My favourite place to ride right now is up in Scotland. It’s simply eye boggling just how amazing it is up there.

Where are some of your favorite spots from your travels for adventure?

The two places that stick out for me are Queenstown, New- Zealand and Vancouver, Canada. It’s hard to put into words how much I love these two locations. Everywhere you look, there’s something exciting going on!

What are some of your most memorable adventures?

My most memorable adventure was a trip to Whistler, Canadian 2015. I met fellow Kiwi’s out there, we rode some amazing trails, camped in the outback and had such a laugh!

What cameras and equipment do you use to document your adventures?

I’m not exactly what you’d call an expert when it comes to cameras. We use a selection of I-Phones, GoPros and a new edition to the family – a Canon Powershot HS720 which is the dogs.

What would your advice be for someone who wants to live fearlessly and pursue their wildest dreams?

As cliche as it sounds – go for it! On the grand scale of things, you aren’t around for long and definitely aren’t immortal! What have you got to lose- seriously? My biggest fear is that of regret – getting to that rocking chair age, looking back, wishing I’d followed my dreams.

Where is your next big adventure?

I’ve got some awesome trips planned this year! A trip in a couple of weeks to Canada with the boys then over to Europe with Amanda. It’s going to be a great year!


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