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Jason Cowan lives the bi-coastal lifestyle in the great Pacific Northwest and classic Southeastern United States with his adventure-loving wife and four kids (who he’s currently trying to teach to roll a whitewater kayak). As a family they chase the sun and the next adventure. Jason grew up a natural explorer in Asia, getting himself across the islands of Hong Kong and Japan to and from school, into and out of local markets, and back and forth across beaches and mountains. He spent twenty years working in the corporate world but now rides the wild waves of entrepreneurship, managing a handful of hustles from building a retail business, developing a consumer product, financial coaching, teaching, writing, Instagramming and adventuring for a living. Jason is ALWAYS planning his next adventure, be it on a whitewater river, a remote glacier, or a dusty mountain peak.

Jason has a host of passions: adventuring, people and family, business and entrepreneurship, writing and life. He is desperate to live life awake: to wake up and rise up and overcome through the power of adventure and story. And he wants to help others do the same. Through encouragement, through coaching and by telling his story, he hopes it will inspire others to rise up.

Jason, like a lot of people, has been through physical, relational, career and spiritual situations that gave him two choices: run, hide and let the world run you over, or overcome. As the pressure mounted and challenges gained speed, Jason knew that he had to dig deep into his family, his faith and his inner strength in order to find the ability to keep gaining victory over those things that would keep him down.

Jason has also been able to look back at his experiences to find strength. He has spent years in the outdoors, on climbs, on hills, or hucking down whitewater rivers and class 5 waterfalls. Each new experience became a signpost reminder of a challenge overcome. Not because he always made perfect decisions or had perfect outcomes, but because his experiences taught him that he was able to overcome if he was patient, trained well, looked fear in the face and pushed himself. Beyond himself. Out into new terrain, new experiences, and out into new victories. All of that said, The Riser Life is Jason’s story about the overcomer life, the riser life, getting up, standing up to injustice and difficulty, and living a victorious and glorious life!

We just love your adventures from your account, The Riser Life. What inspired you to share your adventures? What are your goals by telling your stories and sharing your photographs?

I share my stories and photographs and adventures because I want to inspire people to wake up and live a full life! I’m not a professional athlete, I’m just a simple man with a busy family of a wife and four kids, a busy life and a bunch of dreams! But years ago I fell in love with the outdoors and wanted to learn how to climb big mountains and paddle whitewater. Really, I just wanted to find fun ways to be outside. So, I started building skills and experiences. And my experiences became the foundations upon which I built an overcomer life, realizing I could rise up over the physical, relational, career and spiritual challenges I have faced by hearkening back to the adventure challenges I have overcome, remembering those challenges and reminding myself how I overcame them. That doesn’t mean I’ve always summited or always achieved every goal, but it means that I have kept trying and kept fighting, never quitting, and strived to learn from every failure to be a better man and better adventurer the next time.

Where do you currently live? What are some of your favorite local spots for adventure?

Be inspired: theriserlife.com

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