Simon Jette: Scrambling and Summiting Peaks in the Canadian Rockies

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Simon, otherwise known as “Simon the Scrambler” throughout the Alberta hiking and scrambling community, is easily recognizable on the peaks by his bright blue hiking attire. Originally from Montreal, Quebec, Simon is an avid outdoor adventures enthusiast who currently lives in Calgary, Alberta, close to the rugged Rocky Mountains. He enjoys everything outdoor related from hiking, scrambling, camping/back country camping, kayaking, snowshoeing and skiing. After a long week working on a construction site, you’ll find him on an adventure in the Canadian Rockies. He’s passionate about organizing hikes, scrambles and camping trips with friends every weekend. He’s also pursuing his dream of becoming a mountain guide as he really enjoys introducing people to outdoor activities in the magnificent Canadian Rockies and aspires to make a living as a mountain guide. He also wishes to make his adventures the safest as possible for all involved.

What inspired you to explore the region and live a life of outdoor adventure?

The love and beauty of nature. The sense of peacefulness, great place to recharge on positive energy. Trail reports from hikers that explored the region and inspired me to go see with my own eyes those amazing places. Best place to exercise and keep in shape.

How have outdoor adventures made a positive change in your life?

Making new like-minded friends, seeing how Mother Nature is so beautiful, is such an amazing experience.

Living so close to the Canadian Rockies must be an amazing experience. There are endless opportunities for adventure year-round! Where are some of your favorite spots?

We are so lucky to live so close to this wonderful playground…

Everywhere! I do not really have a favorite spot, as long as I am surrounded by mountains, lakes, great views, it is my favorite spot. Every Provincial Park and National Park in the Canadian Rockies has something amazing to offer for the outdoor enthusiast that I am.

What is it about hiking and scrambling that appeal to you most?

The views! Opportunity to photograph nature, wildlife, satisfaction of reaching a summit, ridge walking, seeing remote lakes, making new friends.

How many summits have you hit so far? Which ones have been your favorites, and why?

Since I first started hiking in October 2015, I am at 87 summits. Mount Yamnuska was my 1st summit in the Bow Valley Corridor it was the mountain that was first calling me, I was seeing that mountain every time we were driving to the mountains and I was saying ‘I will stand on top of that mountain one day’ and I did. Mount Cory in Banff NP is my 2nd best because of the elevation gain which is 1480m (4856 feet), the most I did so far, amazing hike/scramble, awesome views. Mount Niblock in Banff NP is my 3rd favorite, 2nd highest elevation gain 1237m (4058 feet) great views of Lake Louise and the surrounding Peaks.

Who do you look up to in the outdoor adventure industry?

Bob Spirko, Vern Dewit, Sonny Boo, Steven Song, Andrew Nugara, Alan Kain, So Daniel Nakagawa, Matthew Hobbs, Matthew Clay.

What are some of your hiking, scrambling and adventure goals?

To do as much Hiking/Scrambling/Summits that I can.  😉

Besides hiking and scrambling, what other activities do you practice in the Canadian Rockies?

Kayaking, Camping/Backcountry Camping, Snowshoeing, Skiing, Downhill Mountain Biking and any other outdoor activity.

What inspired you to begin training to be a hiking guide?

Safety first, and why not work in the place I love the must… it’s my hobby so lets combine both of them.

What do you want people to get out of each guided hiking trip?

Education, How to stay safe, have fun and enjoy the scenery.

Where are your next big adventures?

In the Canadian Rockies!


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