Meetup: Rummel Ridge

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One of the reasons I started This Adventure Life was to create a community of outdoor adventure enthusiasts. I envisioned a website that adventurers around the world could  use as a platform to share their journeys. I also had bigger goals, one of which was creating meetups. I wanted to inspire people to get out and explore the world as well as creating and fostering friendships between like-minded people.

Our first This Adventure Life hiking meetup was such an amazing experience for me. We decided to host our first hike in Kananaskis for many reasons. Not only does it offer completely stunning landscapes and hikes year-round, but the area boasts some of most adventurous people in the province of Alberta. Our audience is also largely in Alberta, so we wanted to meet them in person and really see how they like to adventure! Everyone in the group was a character! All interesting with stories to tell! I wish I could have stayed longer, just to hear more of their journeys. But we will be back!

Please enjoy these photos from the snowshoe hike to Rummel Ridge. We pushed ourselves, got lost a few times (thankful for that GPS!), shared stories, had some good laughs, took tons of photos and pushed through to the summit where we were treated to insane 360-degree views of Spray Lakes and surrounding mountains and had our well-deserved lunch. It’s moments like this that make me realize that it isn’t about the summit, it’s about the journey, the people you meet and the memories made.

See you on the trail, hopefully at our next meetup!


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Casey Marshall: @c_marsh15

Simon Jette: @simon_thescrambler

Rocky Serate: @rockywanders

Rob Porteous:

Kirsten Alexis: @kirstenalexisadventures



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