Ready for Your Next Adventure? How to Choose Quality Overnight Pet Care for Your Beloved Friend

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As many pet owners know, finding reliable care can be a major headache. If you’re a business owner or manager, for example, who already suffers from high levels of stress and anxiety, the last thing you want is to worry about finding a trustworthy individual to look after your beloved companion. Perhaps you’ve been unhappy with a previous pet sitter, or maybe this is the first time you’re leaving town without your pet. Whether you’re looking for a cat sitter or a local dog boarder, this advice courtesy of This Adventure Life can help you find quality overnight care so you can rest easy during your next travel adventure knowing they’re in good hands.

Be Cautious About Asking Friends and Family for Help

You may feel lucky to have an eager family member or close neighbor who wouldn’t mind caring for your pet while you’re away. However, non-professional pet sitters can quickly lead to disasters in the home. Unlike professional pet sitters, your friend may not have experience in taking care of a pet. They may give in to the pet’s demands for more food, forget to let it outside, or simply brush off the importance of a daily walk. Or, they might just not have enough time in their schedule to visit your pet as often as you like. It’s best to hire a trusted cat sitter or dog boarder so you know exactly what to expect.

Look for a Good Kennel

A local boarding kennel is probably one of your cheapest options for professional pet care. Bringing your pet to a kennel allows staff to continuously monitor them and provide plenty of attention throughout the day. However, kennels can also stress dogs due to the unfamiliar environment and the close proximity to other pets. Before boarding your dog or cat in the kennel, make sure you do a background check and ensure it’s licensed. Also, ask to have a look around. A good boarding kennel will look and smell clean, be a comfortable temperature, and have plenty of light. You should also ask about how your pet will be exercised and what kind of other services are available.

Splurge on a Pet Hotel

Pet hotels are often more specialized and high-end than kennels but come with a higher price tag. They consist of more luxury amenities such as televisions, toys and spacious play areas. Pet hotels also offer a variety of services including bathing, training and grooming. If your pet enjoys their solitude and tends to dislike other pets, a dog hotel may be a better option than a kennel.

Before checking your pet in, recommends confirming what services are included in the price so you aren’t met with various additional fees when you return. It’s also important that employees know how to handle pet emergencies with experience in pet first aid and CPR.

Hire a Local Pet Sitter

Hiring a pet sitter is the best way to keep your pet happy and reduce their stress while you’re away. With pet sitting, a professional comes right to your house to provide exercise, food, and companionship to your pet. This is great because your pet gets to stay in their own home with their regular routine without having to adapt to a new environment. They can stick to their same diet, avoid the trauma of traveling and are not exposed to potential diseases from other pets. Pet sitters also take small steps to maintain your home while you’re away, such as bringing in the mail and watering plants if requested. They can even be hired to spend the night at your home in some cases.

Ask the Right Questions

Before hiring a pet sitter, recommends interviewing them to make sure they’re competent and qualified. You’ll want to find a sitter that is insured and bonded to cover any accidents or theft. Ask them about their training and experience, ensuring they know how to spot health problems in pets. Be sure they have enough time to dedicate to your pet by asking how many other clients they’re sitting for at the moment. Finally, call their references and see if their previous customers are happy, then introduce them to your pet and make sure they get along!

It’s hard to enjoy a vacation or focus on your work when you’re concerned about your pet’s well-being back home. Put your mind at rest by hiring a professional to care for furry friends. After looking for the best quality care you can find, you’ll know your pet will be happy and healthy waiting for you to come home.

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