Featured Adventurer: Avalon Guenther

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Avalon is a Michigan-based content creator, adventurer, and outdoor enthusiast. Her mission is to inspire and invite more people to get outdoors and experience everything nature has to offer. Her favorite hobbies are snowmobiling, riding side-by-sides, weight lifting, kayaking, and hiking. She is passionate about promoting exploration, healthy living, and getting people outside their comfort zone by sharing her experiences. 

We love following your adventures, fitness journey and day-to-day moments. What inspired you to begin sharing your content on social media?

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the support! I was inspired to start sharing my day to day moments because I would spend time on social media watching, learning, and being inspired by others. I was shocked by the impact some of these accounts had on me, and I figured that if I could teach or inspire someone then I should be sharing my story to do so. The idea of making an impact on someone’s life just by sharing your thoughts, adventures, and daily things is so cool to me. 

What have been some positive outcomes from sharing on social media? How do you think social media can help foster a strong community?

There are so many positive outcomes that I have experienced from sharing on social media! One of my favorite things is connecting and making friends with like-minded people who you never would have been able to meet if you didn’t see their profile on social media. Also being able to work with Polaris Adventures to go on group rides with people from all over the United States and meet so many cool people while traveling to new places has been an amazing experience. I think that social media can help foster a strong community because it makes it easier for people to connect, interact, and support each other from all over the world. Social media also makes it easier for a community to come together and work on a project or get the word out about something going on that others could benefit from. 

Where are you currently located, and where are some of your favorite local spots for adventure? 

I am currently located in Michigan and my favorite adventures are snowmobiling, riding RZR’s, hiking, and kayaking/paddleboarding . I would say my favorite spots for adventure are generally in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Riding snowmobiles in Munising, and hiking at Pictured Rocks Lakeshore are both beautiful places to explore. I enjoy riding RZRs at Silver Lake Sand Dunes as well as the trails in the northern part of the Lower Peninsula. Where I live in South East Michigan has tons of lakes and rivers to kayak and explore on, but the Huron River is always a peaceful place to kayak or paddleboard. 

We love how you also share your fitness journey. It’s so important these days to prioritize health. How do you make fitness and wellness a daily priority, and what would be some advice to others looking to do so?

Fitness and wellness are something I am very passionate about, and have been learning and growing to make them standards in my life over the past few years. I make my fitness and wellness a daily priority because I know that I will feel my best after I do my workouts, take my vitamins, and eat well. The dedication to my goals of making health and wellness a part of my daily life is what keeps me prioritizing those tasks, and making sure they get done even if I don’t really want to do them that day. Advice I would give to someone looking to grow in their health and wellness would be to start small, add in 1 thing that can benefit your health to do daily. Once you feel comfortable with that task, then add in another. It is a slow process, but I have found that the results last much longer than trying to change your whole lifestyle at once. 

What are some of the most memorable stories you have had from your adventures thus far?

The most memorable story I have was from this past season of snowmobiling. I had the opportunity to attend a group snowmobile ride in Cimarron Colorado with Polaris Adventure Ambassadors. This ride was extremely memorable to me because I had flown across the United States by myself to attend, and was riding with a group of people I had just met that day. It was a phenomenal experience, we had a beautiful bluebird day snowmobiling, and I created so many new friendships. Being out on the mountain while interacting and learning from all these new people was inspiring for me, and is a memory I will take with me for a while. 

How do you think adventure can help people get out of their comfort zone and find confidence and improve their mental health?

Getting outside my comfort zone is something that is so important to me! Adventuring aids in the frequency I am able to challenge myself and get outside my comfort zone. For example, in the last year I have pushed myself when I’m out hiking or snowmobiling by trying new things, exploring new areas, or going with new people. Also many aspects to adventuring involve the unknown, and unexpected situations you can often find yourself outside your comfort zone without it being a choice. Once I overcome these challenges and learn from them, I am always proud I took that step outside my comfort zone. That  improves my mental health because I enjoy the feeling of satisfaction, accomplishment, or excitement that comes after. I think stepping outside your comfort zone also improves long term mental health because it sets your mindset up to always be expecting a challenge and knowing what you have overcome in the past, you feel more confident going into the next one. 

Where is your next big adventure? 

My next big adventure will be to Irons MI to ride RZR’s for International Female Riders Day! I am collaborating with Polaris Adventures to get new people out trying something new by riding RZRs to celebrate the day. It should be a great time with a group of 17 people. We will be exploring the Manistee National Forest and camping for the weekend.

Make sure to follow her adventures on social media:

Tik Tok: https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPdkWKRRD/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/avieguenther/

Facebook Group: Women’s Backcountry Collective 

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