Caz and Gordon: Two Local Explorers

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Caz and Gordon are two folks born and bred in the North East of England cleverly disguised as grownups. They met in the woods on a dark, dark night in 2006 and have been inseparable pretty much ever since. Their love of mountain biking brought them together, and they spend as much of their time as possible exploring the length and breadth of their home county and beyond. They love stepping off the tourist trails and finding the little hidden gems that no one seems to know about or that have been long forgotten and neglected. They’re firm advocates of finding adventure in the every-day and that exploration starts at home. They’re mum & dad to Molly and Millie – two hyperactive teenagers of the furry feline kind – who share their sense of adventure, even if it is just to the top of the garden then back in for food!

We absolutely love your local adventures around your home in Northumberland, England. What inspired you to start writing about lesser-known mini adventures near your hometown?

Gordon takes a lot of photos when we’re out and about and was getting a load of comments on social media from friends asking where we’d been, what we were going to see, what else could they see in the area etc. and I’m a keen writer anyway having done bits and pieces for websites previously, so it seemed logical to pen down our adventures for our friends to read. We’re very proud of our home county and found ourselves getting frustrated that no-one knew about all of these incredible places so close to home and that there wasn’t a central location we could find out more information about them.

What are your goals with your blog Two Local Explorers?

Our goal is twofold. Firstly, we want people to know that there’s more to our home county than just the big tourist honey pots. We’ve found so many interesting and intriguing places and things that people seem to know nothing about and we just think that’s a travesty! Secondly, we want to promote the idea that to be an explorer doesn’t have to involve hopping on a plane to the other side of the globe; you can be an explorer absolutely anywhere on absolutely ANY budget.

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