Riley Bui: A Life of Travel

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Riley was born and raised in Northern California. She has one older sister who lives in Southern California now. She is an adrenaline junkie, loves outdoor activities and taking pictures. She loves being outside, traveling, and exploring new places she hasn’t been before. She enjoys EDM and alternative music. She was the senior class vice president her last year of high school and spoke at her graduation ceremony. She decided to temporary leave the beautiful state of California for college where she now studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison. She plans on returning to Southern California after graduating college.

You live a life full adventure and travel! How are you keep up your adventurous lifestyle while at University?

My university is actually a city on an isthmus, a strip of land surrounded by natural lakes. The city of Madison has four close by lakes actually. Lake Mendota is the largest one. It is a beautiful place to go outside. There are some great hiking spots. In addition, the biggest student organization is called Hoofers, which is an outdoors club. Because of the lake, there are many opportunities to go sailing, stand up paddle boarding, and kayaking.

Going to University in Wisconsin must have been a change of pace! Where do you like to go for adventures in the Madison area (and what activities do you like to do?)

In the Madison area, there is a lakeshore path on the University campus. It is right close to the edge of Lake Mendota and huge tall trees provide shade so it is nice to take a stroll or walk on, leading to Picnic Point. Outside of Madison, the Wisconsin Dells and Baraboo are about a 40 minute drive up north. There are great lakes and hiking spots up there. Activities I like to do are hiking, stand up paddle boarding, and kayaking.

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